Building Partial Patches

You may want to build partial patches from your SmartVersion Files. Partial patches are good if your users need only one or some of all the versions contained in your patch files, or if you want to discard some of your patch history contained inside your patch files.

To create partial patches:

  1. Start SmartVersion from the Start Menu.

  2. Click File, then click Open. Choose the SmartVersion File you wish to build a partial patch from.

  3. In the list view, highlight all the versions to be contained in the partial patch. You may select any number of versions to be contained.

  4. Click Version, then click Generate a SVF with version subset.

  5. In the next dialog, click Store file(s) content if your end-users will not be having your product's first version as included in the empty patch. If they will be already having this first version, click Only store file date, size and checksum instead.

  6. Check Load the new SmartVersion File after building if you want to open the new partial patch after it has been created.

  7. In the Save As dialog, choose a name to save your new partial patch under.




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