Adding New Versions to a Patch

To add new versions to an existing patch:

  1. Start SmartVersion from the Start Menu.

  2. Click File, choose Open, and select the patch file you want to add a new version to.

  3. Click Version, and choose Add new version to  display the Add a new version in a SmartVersion File dialog.

  4. In the Version name box, type a name that will uniquely identify this new product version to yourself and your end-users. This name will be visible in the SmartVersion environment.

  5. Add your product files to this new product version you are creating:

    1. If your product contains files in a flat directory structure, click Select one or several files, then click Browse to choose which files are in your product. You cannot manually enter text into the text box, but the files you choose with the Browse button are displayed here.

    2. If your product contains files beneath a particular folder, click Select a complete directory, then click Browse to choose which folder contains your product. If you want to include subfolders of your selected folder, check Include subfolders.

  6. Choose how to add new files to this new product version:

    1. Click Only add file already present in previous version if this is what you want to do.

    2. Click Store all files, including new files if you have added new files to your product and need to have them distributed with the new version.

  7. Click OK to add the new version. The new version is automatically added to the patch file.